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Swedish Heritage

"Our donors made our new premises a reality"

"We started with two empty hands"

We have received donations to finish renovations to museum standard from the following organisations;

  • ERV Parent Ltd
  • Swedish Canadian Village
  • Swedish Cultural Society
  • Sweden House Society
  • Scandinavian Community Center
  • Runeberg Social Club
  • IKEA
  • Glenn Swanson
  • Carina Spencer
  • Individual donations
  • Memberships
  • Home Depot
  • Vancity Credit Union

We do need continued funding to acquire everything that is needed for storing and preserving the documents and artifacts. Donations by you, to help us preserve this cultural heritage, is vital to ensure we have the financial support to succeed in our mission.

Details on how to donate

Donations are gracefully accepted for ongoing project and can be specified as such. In-"memorium" donations require the name of the person you wish to honour.

All donations require your permission for us to publish your name in our newsletter or donor boards.

Please click here to download the form. Print it , fill it out and send to us by mail.


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Do you wish to donate artifacts?

The object must be at least 45 years old to be classified as an artifact. If the object meets one of these criteria:

  • 1.Made in Sweden and brought to BC by anyone
  • 2. Made, used or imported to BC by a person who immigrated from Sweden
  • 3. Made, used or imported to BC by a person of Swedish heritage
  • 4. other educational

Please send photo(s) of object(s) and tell us the story behind the object in an e-mail to

Our mail box is checked weekly.

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