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1812 Duthie Avenue, Burnaby, BC

Open every first and third Sunday from 1-3 pm by appointment:
Irene (604)813-1108
Gun (604)833-3951

Email : swedishheritagebc@gmail.com

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The Swedish Heritage in BC association works in conjunction with Swedish Village and Resident Foundation.

Our goal is to document and record the history of Swedes, and the people of Swedish heritage, who settled in BC and helped shape this province. Each year more of this history is forgotten. To remedy this we have secured premises of 1000sq.ft. in the Swedish Canadian Manor.

Our intention is to display various artifacts that were brought to British Columbia, as well as artifacts associated with Swedish Culture in BC.

We will also be collecting archival records of Swedes, Finn Swedes, Ukrainian Swedes, Estonian Swedes, etc. who migrated to BC. If you want to participate in this please send an email to Laila Axen.

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