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Swedish Heritage
Swedish Heritage in British Columbia


This opening exhibit will include the following events/attractions

  • Ribbon cutting at 1 pm.
  • Laila Axen will welcome all
  • We all walk into the Heritage room.
  • Emigrant song.
  • Displays honouring the donors for their contribution of renovating the room into Museum standards.
  • Various artifacts from Swedish immigrants in display cases.
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Everyone welcome

Who we are

We work in conjunction with the Swedish Canadian Village and the Swedish Residents Foundation. Our goal is to document and record the history of Swedes, and the people of Swedish heritage, who settled in British Columbia and helped shape the province. Each year more of the history is forgotten. To prevent further loss of this precious cultural history, we have secured premises of 1000 sq. ft. in the Swedish Canadian Manor. These premises have been renovated to meet museum standards and we will open this new facility, to the public, on June 9th, 2019.

Our intention is to display various Swedish artifacts that were brought to British Columbia., as well as artifacts associated with Swedish culture in BC.

We will also collect archival records of Swedes, Finn Swedes, Ukrainian Swedes, Estonian Swedes,, etc., who migrated to BC, thus documenting their heritage as well as their life in BC.

If YOU would like to participate in this program please email Laila Axen

This exhibit will be open every weekend from 1 PM to 4 Pm.

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Worlds "largest" coin, come and learn more

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Shoes made of straw, come and learn more

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"Our donors made our new premises a reality"

"We started with two empty hands"

We have received donations to finish renovations to museum standard from the following organisations;

  • ERV Parent Ltd
  • Swedish Canadian Village
  • Swedish Cultural Society
  • Sweden House Society
  • Scandinavian Community Center
  • Runeberg Social Club
  • IKEA
  • Glenn Swanson
  • Carina Spencer
  • Individual donations
  • Member Ships

We do need more funding to acquire everything that is needed for storing and preserving the documents and artifacts. Donations by you, to help us preserve this cultural heritage, is vital to ensure we have the financial support to succeed in our mission.

Please click here to donate

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Swedish Heritage in BC
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